Friday, March 25, 2011

Kids say the darndest things...episode 1

My six year old daughter after coming in from school and setting her bookbag down: "Daddy, are you going to die when you get old? I don't want you to die because I will miss you."

Talk about heartbreaking. She said this with much emotion and sincerity. As I went about making her snack, I told her that people have to die in order to make room for new people. If people didn't die, there'd be a hundred  billion-jillion people on Earth, and there'd be 100 people in every house. Her eyes got wide as she declared, "That's too many people!". I agreed, and we both shared how it's very sad when people die that we love, but then we get new people to love as well, like her future children. She reiterated to me how she plans on having four kids and she's going to live in a pink house with Bryce C (her future husband, now in kindergarten). I said that sounded great, and she went to watch her tv shows with a smile.

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